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ROLE: Co-Writer, Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor, VFX, Colorist,


FORMAT: Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5K EF

Sony FS 100

Canon T2i

Canon 7D


RELEASE DATE:  May 25th, 2014



A 2 minute spot shot for Guinness's "Made of More" campaign. This portrait documentary follows Chase Allen, a coastal sculptor working and living on a remote island in South Carolina. 

Production brief:

"Every day, we are constantly faced with tipping points of choice. In the face of

these choices, we have chances to make our lives our own and as a consequence,

more unique, more bold and more interesting. These choices that we make are

conscious ones and they reflect our values. They could be as small as what beer

you order at a bar or as big as sacrificing your place in the Olympic team for your



Big or small – the choices you make say something about you as an individual and

they separate those who just are, from those who are made of more. These

choices make for inspiring, rich and authentic stories – Stories of More."


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