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ROLE: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, VFX, Colorist, Sound Design


FORMAT: Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5K EF


RELEASE DATE: April 5th, 2014

Conscript is a Sci Fi Film set against 1968 Pennsylvania during the height of the Vietnam War. It follows Danny Miller, a draft dodging 20 year old who takes it upon himself to investigate an inexplicable extraterrestrial phenomenon in his hometown. 


Conscript is "Roadside Picnic" mixed with "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" with a bit of "Red Dawn" (the 1984 version not the Josh Peck version) all mashed into one.


This short was shot as a concept piece that could one day be expanded into a feature. This 2 minute clip is an excerpt from what would be the first 15 minutes of the aforementioned  feature. 


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