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ROLE: VFX Director


FORMAT: Sony F55


TOOLS: Nuke X, Maya, After Effects



Link available upon request

The sequel to the classic 1991 film Cool as Ice starring a pirated Vanilla Ice.


"The film follows Ice through his youth, rise to fame, downfall, and beyond—a despondent Ice’s suicide jump is foiled when the sun expands into a red giant during his freefall, leaving him as humanity’s lone survivor, drifting the cold cosmos in conversation with another exploded star. Cool as Ice 2 references texts by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Frank O’Hara, as well as Ice’s own manufactured backstory." -ART FORUM

I filled many roles on this production. I composited all of the background plates for the film using cloud tank footage. The backgrounds were then rear projected on a sound stage. I was also tasked with on set supervision. In post, I was responsible for overseeing the completion of 55 shots in the span of a week for the films climactic space sequence. Most shots required extensive keying, roto, matte painting, and animation.

This film is still a work in progress. Link available upon request.




"Cool as Ice 2 proves them boundlessly resourceful artists, getting a maximum of coup de theater effect from a minimum of resources. It gets across more cinematic awe, feeling, unexpected humor, and take-home ideas than Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, in one-eighth the time and God knows what fraction of the budget."



"Cool as Ice 2," a side splittingly funny interplanetary investigation of the many sides of the Miami born rapper Vanilla Ice, which is more moving than it has any right to be, was the absolute showstopper of Borscht 9. Cool as Ice 2 has the audacity to power a half dozen inspired features."


"Remarkably clever, Michel Gondry-like low budget sight gags and, this time around, CGI wizardry."



"Standout short, Cool as Ice 2, takes the metaphor of a fading celebrity as a dying sun and spins it into a delirious sci-fi musical."


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