April 19, 2015



Photography is wrapped, picture is locked, and we are well on our way to completion!


The cast & crew of Mach III day 2, shortly after wrap.


It's been one of the longest months of my life, but in the past 30 days Mach III has transformed from a previs'd fever dream o...

March 9, 2015


These past two weeks we've made a lot of big calls. Our original intent was to have principle photography wrapped and our trailer released by this week. Unfortunately, neither deadline was met. As the shoot date for our American pilots bore down on us, I stopped all p...

February 24, 2015

Casting in ATL


As our March 3rd and 4th shoot dates quickly approach, we shifted focus this week to full on pre-production. On Friday Andy and I traveled to Atlanta to hold auditions for our American pilots. We auditioned 20 actors that ran the gamut with what they bro...

February 16, 2015

An E350 panel van seat finds new life as the base for our SR71 ejection seat

The Mach III team spent our Valentine's day the right way; at a junk yard! Saturday morning we set out to the local scrap yard to salvage parts for the rear of our SR-71 cockpit. Since we canno...

February 10, 2015




Shooting Plates for our gauge shots


About an hour ago I completed the first vfx shot for Mach III. It's one of 50 visual effects shots for the Swedish segment of our film. It's a small step but it's great to finally have a shot in the can. Our VFX shots run the gam...

February 3, 2015

 Andy hanging out on a MiG 17 during our Kickstarter shoot

This week has been quite the mixed bag. Lots of small progress on many fronts. I had originally intended to switch to VFX mode this week. But, production took a turn in a different direction. A lot of work was s...

January 26, 2015

Today I'm proud to show you the first poster from the largest film I have ever undertaken, Mach III. Ever since I began filmmaking I've always wanted to make an aviation film. Flying is one of my all time favorite sensations. As a kid I wound spend hours pouring over p...

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Mach III is a 1980's cold war era fighter pilot film that takes place entirely in the sky. The film follows a pair of daring young Swedish pilots who attempt to intercept the fastest aircraft ever built: the American SR-71. 

Mach III began principle photography in May 2014 and will be released in June of 2015. Check this blog every Monday for a weekly update on our progress.

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Wrapped, Locked, Cleared for take off!

April 19, 2015

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What is Mach III?

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